Written by Tom

17 Mar 2023

#0 about me

This is the story of how I got into programming. Or development, as I rather call it. It just sounds better. People don’t visualize you sitting behind your PC day and night being alone. Although that would be quite right if I wasn’t married πŸ˜‰

No I’m a web developer. But I have not always been. In fact I’ve been looking for a type of work that would fit me for quite some time. I tried the army, telecommunications, electrical engineering and business management before I got into programming.

There I found to be able to contribute in a way that customers made happy. In this job I find joy to go to work. Energy to learn new technologies and applying them when deemed fit.

So I want to share this journey. I have a feeling that I for long will not reach any destination. But I want to keep track of where I’ve been before I forget.

This series is about the development of the developer.

Story #1: Where it all started