If you can teach it then you really learned something.

I wanted to write down the stuff I learned. In a log. To be able to remember where my current views on development came from. Who inspired me to do what. What my colleagues and work environment have taught me. Which things make me happy and which do I want to keep improving.

In some document I started some time ago to write these deliberations down. But I never did anything with it. Until lately. In a talk, Mat Reyer encouraged to start writing a blog. I took his advice literal. So here it is.

The frequency of blogging is not clear but I intent to have a 3 or 4 week schedule. In retrospect I think I have learned new inspiring things at least every period of 3 or 4 weeks so there.

Discussions are welcome. I think Mastodon will have to suffice for now. If you want to talk in depth about a topic. Please DM me on Twitter and we will find a way to talk.

Furthermore, everything that is written on this blog is based on my own personal opinion. They should reflect the state that I have currently. But they can change. Or evolute if you will. Please don’t take me too serious. “Eat the grape and spit out its pit.” Take the good things and leave the rest.

Happy developing!